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Our History

David P. Mercurio and Son Construction is a local family owned and operated business with deep roots in the Worcester area. During the turn of the twentieth century, there was a wave of European immigrants. Of these immigrants was an Italian man named Rosario Mercurio who settled on the West Boylston/Worcester line. After some years of getting settled in the area, Rosario starting doing his own construction work in 1909.  His work consisted mainly of masonry, which included stonewalls, chimneys, foundations, and much more. Rosario also dug cellar holes and was of course familiar with pick and shovel work. As the old story goes, he would dig a cellar hole with a team of draft horses pulling a land scraper, then at the end of the day they would remove the harnesses from the horses, and ride them home bareback to the barn. Once the cellar hole was complete, he would go to work on the fieldstone foundation. Rosario also built several fieldstone houses, mostly by the West Boylston/Worcester line.

Of his eleven children, three of the boys went on to follow in their father’s footsteps. While Adam and Joe individually went on to become successful stone masons, Rosario’s oldest son Daniel, or Danny as he was known, sought his interest in heavy equipment and was geared more towards excavation. Danny was privileged in operating some of the very early model construction equipment, including cable steam shovels as well as early model cranes. Danny continued to work with his dad, and when work became slow during the Great Depression years, Danny worked part time as a heavy equipment operator for Marois Brothers Construction out of Worcester Mass, who is still in business today.

Danny’s experience with heavy equipment was not limited to the private sector. During World War Two, Daniel fought directly with General George S. Patton in the 3rd Army, and was part of the 991st Engineer Treadway Bridge Company as a crane operator. Danny was credited with serving in five major battles with Patton and worked tirelessly building bridges and other temporary infrastructure to serve the United States Army, including crossing the Rhine River into Germany.

Once the war was over, and Danny returned home, it wasn’t long before he invested in his first cable shovel. The bread and butter machine in its day, the cable shovel was the grandfather of the modern day excavator. Danny picked up right where he left off before the war, thus beginning his career as an owner-operator, and kicking off the Second Generation of Mercurio Construction.

Danny worked all over Massachusetts doing shovel, backhoe, and crane work. In 1956 he updated his shovel to the newer model Bucyrus-Erie 22-B. As well as working all over the Commonwealth, Daniel N. Mercurio and Sons Construction played a crucial role in shaping a large part of the infrastructure, utilities, and landscape for the Town of West Boylston. By the 1960’s, or as soon as Danny’s two sons reached the age of playing in the dirt, Danny expanded his fleet to include heavier dump trucks and a front end loader. By the time Danny’s youngest son David had graduated high school, the family business had several dump trucks and numerous pieces of equipment, including backhoes, bulldozers, and sanders. Danny’s two sons worked with him for a long period of time, until his oldest son John had decided to pursue a music career in Opera, and until David took over the family business, and started the chapter on the Third Generation of Mercurio Construction.

Once the Third Generation was underway, it was now Danny’s turn to work for his son, David. When work was busy, John would also continue to work part time, until his unfortunate passing in 2000 after an illness. David knew he wanted to keep the same business model as his father, keeping a small business offering loyal and quality construction services. David not only continued to offer residential service work in West Boylston and surrounding towns, but would also travel within the state to do work as a hired owner-operator on both commercial and government projects. David made continuous and periodic updates along the way to the fleet of trucks and equipment. By the time Danny had fully retired in the late 1990’s, it was now time for David’s son, also named Daniel, to come onto the scene.

To this day David and Daniel continue the proud father/son tradition as Third and Fourth Generations of a local, loyal and quality construction company. In the more than ten years since Daniel has been with his dad in the family business, David has taken this opportunity to expand in certain areas, as well as continue to maintain the status quo in others. David and Daniel have made all the efforts to keep up with the ever evolving state and local requirements and certificiations, such as keeping a construction supervisor's license, obtaining certification for Title 5 system inspections, and being certified in alternative septic system technologies. Today David P. Mercurio and Son Construction work all over central Mass, as well as further west and further east from time to time. They are both proud of their background and of their heritage, and look foward to continuing their rich traditions.